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Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail. I feel as though the care you took with my home was what you would’ve taken on your own house.

I’m delighted with the outcome, I find myself walking around it, looking at it and touching it. No longer will I describe my home as “the ugliest house on the block!”

– Cherin P.

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Vinyl Windows Maintenance in Little Rock


At Wright Siding Co., we are passionate about making your house the most beautiful one on the block! So from the full installation of your windows to offering tips on their continued maintenance and upkeep, we want to share our knowledge with you so that you’ll get the full benefit of all vinyl windows have to offer.

While vinyl windows are guaranteed to be durable and engineered for life, they sure do take a beating from all of the elements– which is why they require a little love! With a bit of routine cleaning and care, you could:

  • Enhance the security of your home
  • Save on energy bills
  • Prevent issues that would need costly replacement
  • Increase curb appeal

You can have all of these benefits and more by continually maintaining your vinyl windows. Here’s how:

How to clean your vinyl windows

No matter how well-maintained the working parts of your window may be, the first thing that people will notice is if the area is dirty. The more you do to regularly keep your windows clean, the easier it will be to scrub away the dirt and grime that tends to build up. Pay attention to these specific areas:

  • Screens – Your screen is the first line of defense from all of the dirt and grit that tries to enter your home. It’s no wonder they can get pretty gunky and in need of a thorough cleaning often. It is best to take the screen out of the window and lay it on a hard, flat surface such as a driveway, deck, or patio. Use a cloth with some dish soap to gently scrub the screen. Then spray it down with a hose on medium or low setting.
  • Glass – Get your glass back to its original shine and clarity! Depending on how heavily soiled the glass is, you may simply wipe the surface with a damp piece of cloth. Then polish dry with a cotton or paper towel. For more stubborn grime, a commercial glass cleaner would do the trick. If any streaking occurs, wipe down the glass with a towel slightly dampened with warm water, and then dry it with a cotton cloth.
  • Exterior components – The exterior components of your window should all be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleanser and warm water. Give attention to the vinyl frames, trim, coil, caulking, window casing, and adjacent walls. This will help reduce the buildup of debris and dirt which can often contribute to window jams.

Keeping parts well-lubricated

The moving parts on vinyl windows work best when kept well-lubricated. This is something that only takes a few minutes and will ensure that your windows will operate smoothly throughout the year.

Use oil spray or furniture polish on areas such as the hinges, the sliding tracks, and the top and bottom of your windows. You may leave it on for a few minutes and wipe away using a damp paper towel. We recommend that you repeat these steps at least once a year and twice a year in areas with salty air.

Fixing broken parts

Attend to any holes, cracks, splinters, broken glass, or other damages promptly. Broken parts could result in wasted energy, increasing your bills every month. Not only that, a broken part could be potentially dangerous because it leaves your window vulnerable to a break in.

For example, one of the most common broken parts on a vinyl window is the catch, which is the lock that prevents intruders from entering. When this breaks, it is imperative that you fix it either yourself or with the help of a professional.

Certain broken parts may also require the help of a professional because you do not have the necessary tools or you need to protect yourself from getting hurt when handling glass. For these cases, contact us for the repair or replacement of your vinyl windows!

Home Window Installation

Thoroughly inspect windows

Thoroughly inspect your windows every season to ensure their continued maintenance. Check every area for broken pieces or stubborn parts that may be in need of lubrication. Also, pay attention to the surrounding areas of the window and look out for signs of rot.

Or hire a vinyl window installation expert like Wright Siding Co. to come and inspect your home’s windows! Our technicians will be able to look for signs of degradation not visible to the untrained eye. We can also offer you more tips specific to your situation on how to maintain the windows on the property. Contact us now to come take a look!

Contact Wright Siding Co!

If you need help maintaining your vinyl windows and would like a professional’s touch, contact Wright Siding Co.!

When you hire our window and door installation team, we’ll take care of everything with our lifetime labor warranty for the original homeowner as well as the option to extend the parts warranty to the next homeowner.

For over 30 years, our dedication has provided ease of operation, energy efficiency, and exceptional beauty to the North Little Rock and surrounding areas. Contact us now for a FREE estimate!

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