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The gutters and downspouts were a family project.  Prompt, thorough and painstakingly meticulous, they are obviously experts at what they do. They left nothing undone. Our thanks  to them for the excellent quality of their work.

– C. Westfall


Gutter Installation
Little Rock

We can make and install a seamless gutter to match and overall enhance your home. Our crews are highly trained and ready to keep your eaves and overhangs from dripping rain on you and your family. Also, if you are concerned about leaf build-up and the messy clean-up, we have the right solution customized just for you. Contact us today about how we can make your home the best it can be!

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What are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless Gutters are what the name implies– seamless. There are virtually no seams, save for the corners that require them in order to bend in a different direction. However, for the most part, seamless gutters are a long length of unmarred metal from one end of your house to the other. They are the most popular type of gutter today, although this was not always the case.

Metal screen for gutters

Gutters used to be sold in pieces and sections to be strung together over the length of your roof. It was so that everyone could cut and put them together with sealant and have it fit just about any house. However, with years of innovation, professionals can now install one single length of metal — most of the time, aluminum — across a house with no seams.

So why is having a seamless gutter important? There are several reasons why this innovation was needed and they all have to do with the benefits of seamless gutters in comparison to a conventional sectional gutter.

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Benefits of a Seamless Gutter

  • Minimizes Leaks — No seams = no leaks! Even the most ostensibly durable seams that have ample sealant will start to wear down over time which causes water to seep through the cracks. A Seamless gutter’s unmarred metal eliminates these leaks.
  • Easier to clean — When there are seams, there are ridges along the bottom side of your gutter. This can cause water and debris to easily snag and form a blockage. A seamless gutter is easier to clean because there are less opportunities for blockages.
  • Improves protection — Seamless gutters improve protection of your foundation, basement, and landscaping from excessive water. By ensuring that the water is carried away from your house, this means that you’re safe from leaks and erosion and it can keep your landscaping looking beautiful!
  • Provides a more uniform look — Because seamless gutters are cut on-site with an exact fit and customization of colors that match your home, you can have a more uniform look all over. By eliminating unsightly seams, you can boost curb appeal and its resale value!

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Gutter Installation Experts

Wright Siding Co. has been in the gutter business for over 30 years. We have seen what works and what doesn’t work.

When we arrive at your home, your gutter is measured and cut with specific measurements to exclusively fit the length of your house. Our installers are highly trained to carefully assess your land and find the best location for direct runoff of water away from your home’s foundation.

Our top-quality materials come from Spectra that offer the highest strength to withstand snow and ice. Finally, when we tightly secure these gutters to your home, we can guarantee their durability for years to come

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Let us show you the integrity of our work! Contact us for a FREE estimate and get started today on a gutter system that is easier to clean and matches the aesthetic of your home!

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